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In need of additional lighting in your interior decoration? A ceiling suspension? An applique in your hallway, a lamp desk or a chandelier?

Thanks to our massive collection of designer and fashionable lighting, Sodezign proposes to artfully enlighten brighten your living areas.

A chandelier or ceiling lamp will allow you to brighten a spacious spacearea, while respecting the designer spirit. In our collection, you will discover the ornate brass chandelier embellished with crystals, with a giant bulb, as well as the simpler Feel designer ceiling lamp with coloured threads.

A wall lamp will enable you to create an elegant and cosy atmosphere while still being subtle.

A desk lamp with an efficient light will allow you being more efficient and productive, while a bedside lamp will enable you to read a book comfortably on your bed.

A designer floor lamp will add a soupçon of elegance while having a preponderant place of your living room, attracting all attention from your guests.

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