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  1. Classical
  2. Contemporary
  3. Creative
  4. Scandinavian
  5. Transparent
  6. Vintage
  7. Wood
  1. Beech
  2. Black
  3. Blue
  4. Brown
  5. Clear
  6. Customizable
  7. Extra Clear
  8. Green
  9. Grey
  10. Oak
  11. Purple
  12. Red
  13. Sky Blue
  14. Walnut
  15. White
  16. Yellow
  1. Cloth
  2. Glass
  3. Metal
  4. Plastic
  5. Wood
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  2. 2

Connoisseurs of trendy designer accessories, this is for you! Sodezign offers a huge range of designer accessories to decorate your home and embellish your daily routine.

From the simple decorative accessory to the functional and useful one, Sodezign continuously proposes new and original designer accessories for your home decoration.

Our designer mangrove lianas will allow you to bring a green decorative touch to your interior decoration. Your living room will be transformed into an authentic and unique living area.

Bored of your old clock or watch? Sodezign proposes a wide range of designer watches, from the LED watch to the innovative designer wall clock.

A designer waste paper basket, a designer pencil holder or both – in the collection proposed by us you will find these designer accessories with sleek lines which will transform your work space.

If you prefer iphone stands or designer speakers, Sodezign has opened the door of its collection to designer accessories of the 21st century, like the i-Stand or the ultra-light Gem Gem designer speakers.

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